Aaron Daniel Annas, M.F.A.

Associate Professor and Director Savage Theater and Communication Building 118
Phone: (716) 878-6812
Email: annasa@buffalostate.edu

Aaron Daniel Annas is passionate about the art of telling stories. He started his professional career as a stage performer, and after spending years on the stage, became interested in the art of storytelling through film and television. He received his MFA in Independent Film and Digital Imaging from Governors State University.  In Chicago, he worked in television post-production for networks including The National Geographic Channel, History Channel, and TVONE. 

In addition to working in the corporate television industry, Aaron Daniel has been active in independent film work and academia.  From Chicago, he moved to the Los Angeles area and taught full time in Cinema Arts at Vanguard University.  While teaching in California, Aaron Daniel had the opportunity to continue working in independent film as well as freelancing as a presenter and trainer for Hollywood film and television professionals.  Aaron Daniel is a strong believer in educating students in the methodology that will allow them to not only be players in the corporate industry but also open their eyes to the accessible opportunities of today’s technology for the independent filmmaker, media specialist, and storyteller.

Aaron Daniel's most recent film, There's No Such Thing as Ghosts?, was distributed internationally by 1091 Pictures in 2020.  The feature documentary explores societies' rationalizations of the paranormal.

Aaron Daniel lives in Clarence Center, NY with his wonderful wife, Jenny, daughter, Magnolia, and a little fat pug named Norm.